It is the mission of California Almonds, LLC
to provide a quality product that is pure, natural and healthy.



In the late 1960’s our dad planted 20 acres of almonds on our home ranch in Manteca, California. My brother and I were just little tykes then but we toddled around the orchard and helped put cardboard milk cartoons around the trunks of the baby almonds trees as a protective measure.

We literally “grew up” with the almond trees. As the tree grew, so did our almond job responsibilities. We helped with fertilizing, pruning, irrigating, knocking the nuts off the trees, raking them into piles and then scooping them up with large shovels. When our dad became ill, my husband (third-generation farmer) took over the complete operation of the almond orchard in addition to farming several hundred almond acres in the surrounding Central Valley of California. In fact, we now reside in the “Almond Capitol of The World” – Ripon, California.

California Almonds, LLC is comprised of farmers and their families
who were born and raised in California and grow pure, natural and “healthy nuts” in California. It’s just that simple.